Sara Lee started their collaboration with Rontis Hellas S.A. in 2009.

With the Zendium toothpastes product line, which are manufactured in Holland since 1979, Rontis Hellas S.A. guarantees to its clients a delivery of products that enforce the natural defense mechanisms of the oral cavity and inhibit the activity of unwanted pathogenic agents that cause or aggravate aptha, gingivitis, periodontitis, caries, bad mouth breath etc.

Zendium pharmaceutical toothpastes contain colostrum, all enzymes of the saliva, fluorine, zinc and mild detergents.

The main advantages of Zendium
pharmaceutical toothpastes are:

  • Light and gentle foam factor
  • Medium abrasion
  • Mild flavor
  • Enzymes for natural control of bacteria
  • Colostrum proteins
  • Fluoride in different content (depending on version)
  • No pigments



Zendium pharmaceutical toothpastes are available in the following versions:

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