• Who we are

    Rontis Corporation is a leading diversified Swiss Healthcare Company with a long history and proven track record in R&D, manufacturing and distribution of nutritional products, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and consumer healthcare products as well as in the provision of healthcare services. Our products and services are distributed and provided in over 67 countries worldwide.

    Our philosophy is to specialize in different therapeutic areas by offering innovative solutions and support our customers’ needs. The three main pillars that characterize our organisation are Innovation, Quality and Service.

    We are geared to maintain intense focus on the research and development of new generation products from conception to production. We are dedicated to innovation and quality; we offer a new and wide range of choices to the demanding professional.

    The mission of the Consumer Healthcare division of the company is to provide and distribute healthcare products directly to consumers through appropriate and scientifically skilled ‘‘delivery points’’ as pharmacies and baby stores.

    The company invests in research and technology and create safe and effective products that give healthcare professionals solutions to everyday and special needs of consumers.

    By providing innovative and quality products, Rontis has the vision to create loyal and satisfied customers of all ages around the world.
  • The Novalou & Novatopia

    Throughout our history, our constant research and investments into the development of powerful brands focused on infants, babies and children, led to Rontis Derma & OTC Portfolio.

    Rontis, being a leader in the pediatrics field for several years, identified the need of specialized skin care and nasal hygiene products for infants, babies and toddlers.

    Novalou® and Novatopia® dermaceutical brands were specially designed and studied to deal with the various needs of babies and young children, fully responding to the unique characteristics of baby’s delicate & atopic skin.

    Novalou® daily & sun care with extract of Calendula Officinalis, respecting the physiology of baby skin:
    • Clean and care without irritating or drying the skin
    • They do not alter the skin pH
    • They provide natural antimicrobial agents, which contribute to the prevention of microbial infections, without affecting the skin normal flora

    Rontis complemented the Novalou® range with two specialized products, designed for the holistic care of very dry, sensitive and atopic skin*. The innovative formulation of Novatopia® is based on active ingredients that restore the skin health.

    Novatopia® specialized care with natural peptides of Alisma Plantago (Indufence®):
    • Restore the epidermal barrier
    • Adjust the trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL)
    • Strengthen the defense of the skin
    • Stimulate the production of antimicrobial agents of the skin
    • Reduce inflammation

    *For atopic skin first consult a dermatologist
  • Nasalou

    Throughout our history, our constant commitment to keep improving our existing portfolio and developing new products is of great importance to us.

    Following the dermaceutical brands of Novalou® and Novatopia®, Rontis, always committed to providing an exceptional complete line of products, was focused on nasal hygiene.

    The Nasalou® nasal aspirator with sterile tips is specially designed for use in the nostrils of newborns, babies and toddlers. 

    It helps prevent and relieve cold symptoms such as nasal congestion and secretion, flu processes, sinusitis and symptoms of allergies. It facilitates baby’s easy breathing, feeding and sleeping.

    Our state-of-the-art products, combined with many years of experience in the field of Consumer Healthcare and pediatrics, make us the specialized leading company that aims, above all, to maximize consumers’ satisfaction by offering infants and babies, parents and healthcare professionals, the best possible solutions in terms of high quality, advanced technology and guaranteed safety.
  • Quality Control

    Rontis, having quality as one of the main pillars of its philosophy, guarantees the quality of its Consumer Healthcare brands.

    The Novalou® and Novatopia® series of products are produced in the European Union. The manufacturing plant is certified according to ISO 9001:2008. Operates according to current EU legislation [Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council] and has all the necessary certificates and approvals (i.e. production license, GMP) for the manufacturing preparation of our dermaceutical products.
    Novalou® and Novatopia® products are dermatologically and clinically tested, hypoallergenic (HRIPT test) and have been checked by specialized scientists, in fully equipped, modern technology laboratories, through all the stages of production, securing this way the quality and the safety of the products.

    The Nasalou® products are designed and manufactured according to the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC and subsequent amendments (2007/47/EC).
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